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1. restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection

2. to make new spiritually

3. to begin again


It’s time to reconnect. 

To revive. 

To rebuild. 

To replenish. 

To restore.

When we enter into relationships/partnerships/marriages you often do so while carrying unwritten contracts/rules/agreements on how our relationship will work. These agreements carve the rules of the road on how you live your lives together and develop into the heartbeat of your relationships.

The heartbeat of your union has sustained you through loss and delight, heartache and joy. In times of trouble, it’s been balm for the soul. In seasons of abundance, it’s brought you companionship, intimacy, and the kind of belly laughs you wish you could hang on to forever. 

…and as we evolve as both individuals and couples those agreements evolve and are silently renegotiated so we buy-in and re-up our love year over year.

Isn’t that something so worth celebrating? 

Introducing RENEWED

by K. Hancock 

Intimate, tailor-made vow renewals driven by joy, rooted by connection, that MEETS YOU WHERE YOU ARE.

Seeking to rekindle, reinvigorate, and reconnect? Consider this your cordial invitation to shout your love from the rooftops.

And before we dive in too deeply, let’s bust some myths right off the bat: 

A vow renewal is for everyone–regardless of whether you’re celebrating a milestone year.

A vow renewal doesn’t mean that your marriage has been on the rocks. 

A vow renewal doesn’t mean that your marriage has been perfect.

A vow renewal doesn’t mean a “do over” because your first wedding wasn’t good enough.


Here’s the truth..

A vow renewal is an opportunity to celebrate your coupling. To relish in togetherness. To honor where you’ve been and to consciously choose to move forward together. To pause, take a look around, realize you’ve chosen each other through it all.  

Surrounded by your very nearest and dearest, you’ll feel a sense of intimacy that makes you feel like you’ve come home: calm, content, and entirely at ease. 

With my signature blend of design and wedding planning prowess, your renewal will have meaning, a story, and beauty at every turn. The best part? My “feelings first” approach ensures that above all, you’ll be vibing high and connecting with the ones you love most. Aesthetically, you can count on a gathering that looks as good as you feel, with considered touches of personality supporting every design choice. 

This is all about putting you, your partnership, and where you’ve been at the center in celebration of entering the next phase of your alliance.

From the logistics and coordination to the colors, florals, details and styling, you can breathe easy (because I’ll take it from here). With your marriage at the center, you’ll feel honored, heard, and seen throughout every step of the process. This is wedding planning, pared down to the essence–without removing the poetry. It’s not for show, it’s for real.

And who am I?

Hey, it’s me, Kiara…


My experiences as an administrative professional among the Northwest’s most successful companies have helped me become well-versed in planning and logistics–you could say it’s second nature. As a wedding professional and a human, I’m an advocate for authenticity. I’ll always encourage you to be true to who you are, fight for the things you want, dream big, and to trust your gut. You can count on me to support and guide you along the way. It never gets old to see my designs woven into the tapestry of a wedding day. Simply put? It does my heart some serious good. Whether it’s coordination, design, florals, or anything in between, I believe in approaching all things with joy.


“Kiara is a joy to work with! Her work as a wedding planner and florist is inspired and she truly partners with you to bring your vision to life.

” She has infallible taste and a perfectionist’s eye. She transformed our wedding day into a visual masterpiece that was everything we dreamed of and more, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

The Details

Renewal planning & floral packages start at $5,500

Each renewal, much like your relationship, is custom to who you are as individuals and as a couple. 

The options are endless….

Host your celebration in your home or backyard OR rent a small space.

Hire a caterer OR bring in a food truck.

Wear something meaningful to you OR dress to the nines.

I will help you bring together the look, feel, floral elements, and planning of your renewal and in doing so I will consider your preferences and budget.

These renewals are meant to be stripped down and intimate. Held in the presence of those who have been a part of or a product of your journey together and as such I ask that you limit your guest count to 50 or less.

So, come on…

Let’s make it personal.

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